Opening an account

How to apply

Once you've viewed our business savings accounts and chosen the account you'd like to open, you'll need to:

Then complete our online application form.

If you exceed the eligibility, you can contact us and speak to a Relationship Manager to learn about our Corporate Savings accounts and find out how to apply for them.

Information you'll need

To help us open your savings account(s) as quickly as possible, we've listed all the information that you'll need to provide in this printable checklist. If any information is missing, your application may be delayed or you may need to reapply.

Some key pieces of information we ask for include:

The details of any Beneficial Owners who own 25% or more of the business:

  • Residential address
  • Time lived there
  • Place of birth
  • Nationality
  • Tax residence
The details of two Business Officials (unless you only have one or you're a sole trader):
  • Residential address
  • Time lived there
  • Nationality
The details of anyone who will be an Authorised Signatory on the account:
  • Residential address
  • Nationality

Your nominated account details. This is the bank account all of your withdrawals will be sent to, and should be in your business or organisation's name.

Business details including annual turnover headcount and total assets..

If your business has a complex ownership structure we may request a structure chart at a later date.

Proving your identity

Once we’ve received your application form, we’ll aim to verify your identity electronically. However, we may also need to see some original documents too, we’ll contact you if this is the case.

How long will it take?

Once we've received your application and completed our checks, we'll aim to open your account within 5 working days. You can contact us by phone or email to track the progress of a new application.

Information on opening a business savings account is also available to download as a PDF: